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The simplest of dishes

Toasted Cheese Sandwich

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Toasted Sandwich



Extra mature cheddar (although my mum prefers mild)

Dips Medium Garlic chilli paste

salt & pepper

Tomatoes and Onions (optional)

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This is a family fav and is made in our house quite a lot at the weekend when we want something quick and easy to eat at the weekends. We grate the cheese mix with some salt pepper and the tomatoes and onions (although these are optional).

Then we lightly smear the bread with Dips Medium Garlic Chilli paste place in a George Forman grill or panini press until the cheese is nicely melted and you have a nice toasted crust to the outside of the bread.

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Alternatively you can lightly butter the outside of the bread and fry on a medium low heat until you have a nice buttery crust on the outside of the bread and the cheese is melted, gooey and delicious.

In total this recipe barely takes 10 minutes to make and is a delicious lunch for everyone to enjoy. If you wish to bulk it out a little bit you can add a nice side salad to serve with this.

For an extra layer of decadence you can serve it with our Preserved Lemon Chutney. All in all a lunchtime meal that is simple quick easy and super delicious.