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Give your roast potatoes a bit extra

Garlic Chilli Roast Potatoes

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Potatoes (we find King Edward potatoes or Maris Pipers work best)

Oil (only because this is a vegetarian recipe but if you wish you can use Goose fat or Lard)

Medium garlic Chilli paste (if you like it spicy then the Extra hot may suit you better)




This recipe is actually from Love Potatoes website and you the video above has been made for them too. The only difference is after about 40 minutes take your potatoes out of the oven and toss them in your Garlic Chilli Paste we suggest a teaspoon per 1lb of potatoes but you can add more or less depending on your tastes and then finish cooking them for about another 5 minutes.

You will find this just adds an extra dimension to your roast potatoes with the minimum of fuss and goes great with any roast meats.