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3 Reasons for a Rebrand

The New Dips

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Over the last few months we have been (and still are working on) a rebrand for Dips'. There were several reasons as to why we decided to do the rebrand but here are the 3 big reasons for us.

1. Shelf Impact

We are looking to move our product into retail and therefore it is super important for us to make sure our products have the right impact on shelf. At the moment our labels look really pretty and people actually really like the design elements and when we are at shows and can engage people directly they really like the taste of our products too. The problem lies when we aren't there to sell the product after some testing we found that people could not pull the information they needed quickly and easily from the label that would allow them to figure out if they wanted to buy it or not. (You can see how busy shelves can get below)

This is the kind of crowded shelf space that you need to try and stand out on.

2. Packaging

Making sure that the packaging reflects your company brand and ethos. It is very important that the packaging you select reflects your brand and your business. When we started out the biggest driver for us was cost. As all people starting out on a new venture and bootstrapping a new business cost is a big driver as it will help set the price of your product. When we first started out our main aim was to make sure the flavours and products are as good as they can be and although we are still constantly testing and tweaking our products to make sure they taste their very best our focus has moved on. We are now looking at the packaging and as our product is more expensive (due to the fact that we take our time to produce excellent products) than other comparable products out on the market then it is important to make sure that the packaging reflects this. We have a couple of options that we are looking at and have noticed ourselves that it makes a massive difference to the look and feel of the product.

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3. Story

At the moment we don't feel that our current branding really represents who we are as a company and our heritage in the way we want. We are a brand that is very much family orientated our products are designed to be used by families and seeing as the brand name comes from our Patriarch and chief cook aka our mum it is super important for us that our brand reflects this and we hope that in our next incarnation that it will do so.

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