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The Rebrand Part 2

Everything takes longer than you think

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Seems a bit of a cliche, but when running a business everything takes 3 times longer than you think it should.

For example, take our rebrand when we undertook the project of doing a rebrand we thought it would be a quick month or 2 at the most. Boy were we wrong, nearly 6 months later we are finally closing on the finishing line.

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There are many reasons as to why this has taken longer than we would have liked it too and we can't go into them all here, but it is important to realise in business that what maybe super important to you (usually because your business is like your heart and your soul) may not be the top of the list for the person that you are contacting or working with.

This is something that is often forgotten.

We are doing business with people everyone's lives are super busy and as business owners, there are always one hundred and one things to do and as soon as you tick one item off the todo list there have already been another 10 added to the list.

We feel that it is irrelevant to think that B2B (business to business) is different to B2C (business to consumer) as everyone you come into contact with makes a decision on you as a person and as a business owner your business should reflect who you are and what you stand for.

stand up for what you believe in

A while ago we were approached by someone to turn our Preserved Lemon Chutney into a chocolate. We actually already have a company Fifth Dimension Chocolates that make a chocolate using our Preserved Lemon Chutney (along with many other interesting and delightful flavours).

It would have been quite easy for us to say yes (and make a quick sale) and in all likelihood, it would have been a very different product from the one that is being made by Fifth Dimension Chocolates. The reasons for saying yes to a company are just as important as the reasons for saying no.

We said yes to doing a chocolate with Fifth Dimension Chocolates because not only do they make kick-ass chocolates their brand and ethos coincide with us as a business. We are all about flavour and taste and they are all about flavour and taste. Not only do we do business with them they have become our friends and we have seen their business go from strength to strength and in many ways, we are hoping to emulate the success they have had and will continue to have for a long time.

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Back to our rebrand, it has taken us a lot longer than we would have liked but we are happy with the direction we are taking and that is more important to us than rushing through the process and ending up somewhere we don't want to be.

Now we are getting closer to the end we are super excited to show you what we have done and how we are going to move forward and in business, it is always important to keep moving forward.

We would highly recommend the designer we used Created by White and if you are looking to do something similar or want some expert advice we highly recommend them.

We are super excited to show you what we have done and we hope you love it as much as we do so make sure you keep in touch with us and looking out for our exciting news.

Please keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks as we are hoping to reveal the end product of our re-brand and sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date with everything we have going on.